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How much is the fellowship and how long is it?

The fellowship includes a living stipend of $43,000 per academic year. The program also pays for each fellow’s tuition and health insurance. The program is a two-year program; admissions are staggered so that there are ten first year fellows and ten second year fellows at Stanford at any given time.

Is it possible to live on the fellowship?

The Bay Area is a very expensive place in which to live. Realistically, a person needs to have some form of supplemental income, which most commonly means working during the summer.

Is there an opportunity for me to teach to supplement my income?

Sometimes. Teaching appointments are not guaranteed, as priority goes to Ph.D. students who need the experience for their degree.

What do people do after the Fellowship is over?

In normal circumstances, all fellows have the opportunity to apply for a two-year lectureship teaching undergraduate fiction or poetry at Stanford. Due to the pandemic, positions may not be available in the next few years. Fellows make a variety of career moves in “life after the Stegner.” Some go on to graduate programs, some are independently successful as writers, some go on to adjunct or tenure-track university teaching positions, or to other fellowship opportunities.