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The Consolations: Poems

Trio House Press
The Consolations: Poems
“From the mountains of Romania to the streets of the American Midwest, [Evans] renders the physical world with a kind of reverence. Like Gilbert, Evans is interested in mystery and magnitude; he explores sorrow with openness, searching for meaning rather than resolution. The Consolations is a beautiful and exciting collection. Evans harnesses a great power of poetry: in the face of the unspeakable, he finds the words.”–Chloe Honum, On The Seawall
“These powerful poems carve out a unique space between elegy and celebration; describing loss but never yielding to it. They draw the reader into a natural and social world seen and spoken in a vernacular of grief which makes a fresh perspective at every turn. This is a compelling new collection.”–Eavan Boland, author of A Journey With Two Maps