The Writer's Studio: The One-Sentence Story

Mon February 27th 2023, 6:00 - 7:30pm
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Hume Center for Writing and Speaking, Stanford Storytelling Project, Creative Writing Program
Hume Center for Writing and Speaking, Room 201

Kelly Sikkema | Unsplash

On February 27, please join us for The One-Sentence Story, a Writer's Studio workshop hosted by Faith Merino.

Many of us grew up learning the importance of the tight, coherent sentence as the most efficient way to convey meaning, but what happens when you unharness the sentence and let it run wild? How does a story change when it’s not constrained by the linear subject-verb-object sequence? In this workshop, we’ll read fiction by Carmen Maria Machado, Annie Proulx, and Simon Han that use the run-on sentence to craft narratives that are arresting, urgent, and propulsive, and we’ll write some of our own.

Faith Merino is a Stegner Fellow in Fiction at Stanford with an MFA in Fiction from UC Davis. She is the author of the novel Cormorant Lake, which was longlisted for the 2021 Center For Fiction First Novel Award, and her short stories have appeared in The Forge, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, The Indiana Review, and more.