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“Searching for Wallenberg” with Alan Lelchuk

Alan Lelchuk
February 29, 2016 - 5:00pm
Wallenberg Hall, room 124
Alan Lelchuk

Alan Lelchuk is Visiting Professor in Jewish Studies and Adjunct Professor of Liberal Studies at Dartmouth University. He is the author of eight novels, including: American Mischief, Miriam at Thirty-Four, Brooklyn Boy, Shrinking, Miriam in Her Forties, Playing the Game, and Ziff: A Life?

“Searching for Wallenberg” is a docu-novel about a young Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Jews in Budapest in 1944-45, and the contemporary American historian who seeks to find out about the many mysteries surrounding RW’s life ,and death.  The novel’s hybrid nature consists of the historical mingling with the invented, and dramatizes how fiction can enhance history in searching for the truth.

Co-sponsored by the Department of English and the Creative Writing Program.