Poet's House: Poetry & Story

Thu March 2nd 2023, 6:00 - 7:00pm
Event Sponsor
Creative Writing Program
Mariposa House

This Winter, please join Jones Lecturer Keith Ekiss for Poet's House, a writing studio for beginning and experienced poets. We'll write from prompts, meet fellow poets, and talk poetry.

Poet Donald Hall once said: if you’ve ever told a story about yourself more than five times, you should write it down as a poem. In this final Poet’s House of the quarter, we’ll explore the interplay between poetry and story. What happens when the impulse to tell a tale meets the compression that a poem demands? How do poets tell stories through implication, by the gaps in what’s left unsaid? Using a variety of writing exercises, we’ll channel the storytelling impulse into the vessel of poetry. Come with nothing and leave with the start of new poems in the making.