Creative Writing FAQ Videos

Wondering what a workshop is like? Ask our lecturers! In these videos, they describe the workshop process, answer the question, “Is a creative writing workshop right for me?” and discuss how workshops are graded.



Kai Carlson-Wee
on the different backgrounds of students in workshops, the environment of a workshop, community and storytelling in his classes, and the class he teaches about American road trips

John Evans
on how his poetry workshops are structured, and why workshops can be great for students pursuing different fields of study.

Kimberly Grey  
on the topics discussed in her workshops and how she grades students in workshops.  

Solmaz Sharif  
on experimentation, cold reads, and how the environment of a workshop is different from that of any other classroom.

Michael Shewmaker 
on sharing your work, what students read in his poetry workshops, and how workshops are right for writers with any level of experience

Greg Wrenn  
 on what to expect in a poetry workshop, what makes good revision, what kind of person is right for a poetry workshop, what a poetry workshop is like for students who don’t like poetry, and mentorship in creative writing classes.



Tom Kealey
on the feedback process, empathy, generosity, and collaboration in fiction and nonfiction workshops.

Kate Petersen  
on what her workshops feel like and how she and her students read like writers

Nina Schloesser
on who benefits the most from workshops, comparing workshops to creative expression (9CE) classes, grading in workshops, and craft talks.

Shimon Tanaka  
on the structure of workshops and how feedback is given



Austin Smith  
on how to decide which genre to take, his personal journey from poetry to fiction, and how everyone at heart is a creative person

Brittany Perham & Sarah Frisch   
answer the question “Is a creative writing workshop right for me?”, discuss the structure of both fiction and poetry workshops, and explain how they evaluate students




Dana Kletter  
on the structure of a non-fiction workshop and how workshops are graded 

Shannon Pufahl
on what kind of work students do in workshop, the ethics of nonfiction, and common fears upon entering a creative nonfiction workshop.