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Beautiful in the Mouth

Beautiful in the Mouth book cover
Keetje Kuipers
BOA Editions Ltd

“The poems in Beautiful in the Mouth mostly identify themselves within a poetic register that is more tangible, emotionally sincere, linguistically straightforward and sensuous than that of the experimental lyric… Kuipers’ is a poetry that demonstrates how instabilities in the contested space between lyric and narrative conventions can yield poems that teeter and slip between location and dislocation, language and silence, past and present, presence and absence.”
— Tar River Poetry


“The place of her poems… is truly the embodied experience in the larger world. She douses us in imagery that we can voice in our mouths and feel under our fingers.”
— Midtown Review

“I have no reservations at all with Beautiful in the Mouth or the poet behind it: if my praise seems even too encouraging for an unbiased review, just know that this is possibly the best book of original poetry that I’ve encountered since I first began reviewing books in 1998. Perhaps it is because Kuipers as a poet is much like myself in her foci of intimate affairs and broad natural landscapes, or perhaps it is because she is so skillful in crafting poems that tell stories or minister to our emotions honestly and she can do so with an impressive economy of words. She has simply impressed me… [h]ow she did this exactly, I cannot quite place into words.”
— CutBank Literary Magazine