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ENGLISH 9CT: Fire Stories: Narrative in the Digital Age

Sep 12 2019

ENGLISH 9CT: Fire Stories: Narrative in the Digital Age


Instructor: Kai Carlson-Wee

Autumn 2019, Mon. & Wed. 1:30-3:20

Open enrollment through Axess. 


This Fall, the Creative Writing program is offering English 9CT Special Topics in Creative Expression, Fire Stories: Narrative in the Digital Age. 

How do we tell stories in the age of the internet, social media, and new technology? How has the art of storytelling evolved over time? In this Creative Writing course we will explore storytelling in the digital age. We will be reading and writing in a variety of genres, workshopping our own personal projects, and considering ways in which storytelling has shifted from oral traditions to modern iterations like podcasts, songwriting, filmmaking, and multimedia. Assignments will range from reading Justin Torres’ novel, “We the Animals,” to watching films like “Birdman” and “La Jetée.” We will be listening to albums, looking at photo essays, and frequently meeting outdoors to tell stories around a fire. Anyone with a sense of adventure is welcome!


To learn more, please email Kai Carlson-Wee at