• Make sure to show up on time to your first class; priority is given to students who are present in class regardless of the class lists!
  • Even if you are waitlisted, please make sure to show up on time to the first class. Spots very often open up, and those present will be offered empty spots.
  • You may attend the first meeting of any class to see if a spot is available.
  • Times, days, and instructors can be found on the English department website.

Note on permission numbers: Permission numbers will not be given out the first day of class. If you need to enroll in order to meet the 12-unit study list requirement, please temporarily enroll in English 198, section 12 with Tom Kealey to avoid the $200 late registration fee. Be sure to drop the 198 class once you’ve enrolled in your workshop.

English 190G – The Graphic Novel

Scott Hutchins & Shimon Tanaka TR 3:15pm + T lab 6:15-9:05 , Lathrop 180

The Graphic Novel class was able to accept all applicants this quarter.  Students may still apply on the first day of class, on a first come-first served basis.

Download (PDF, 100KB)


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