Frequently Asked Questions


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How do I declare the creative writing emphasis or minor?
To declare a major in English with a creative writing emphasis, follow the instructions on the Stanford English website here. To declare a creative writing minor, go to the student center on Axess and submit your request.

How do I enroll in creative writing classes?
Enrollment is determined by a lottery, with preference given to English majors with a creative writing emphasis, creative writing minors, and upperclassmen. Most students are placed into their first or second-choice class. For more information on enrolling in a class, please visit our enrollment page.

My class says I need a permission code number to enroll. Where can I get that number?
Your class instructor will give you a permission code, which you will receive during the second or third week of class.

I am taking a creative writing course but have not yet received my permission code. If I don’t receive that permission code and formally enroll, I won’t meet the 12 units I need to be a full time student. What do I do?
If you are waiting for your permission code, temporarily enroll in English 198 with Tom Kealey. It is a stand-in class to fulfill your unit requirement while you wait for your permission code to come through. Don’t forget to drop English 198 after enrolling in your Creative Writing class or you will receive a failing grade in English 198!

I took creative writing classes while studying abroad. Can I count them toward my Creative Writing major or minor?
Unfortunately, no. Classes taken during study abroad cannot count toward courses required for the major or minor.

I’m a graduate student. Can I enroll in undergraduate creative writing classes?
Our courses are designed for undergraduates, but if you have a particular interest in a class please contact Katherine Batanero (email) for information. Do not enter your class preferences into the online course preference form.

I’m not currently enrolled in any Creative Writing classes. Can I still submit for undergraduate writing prizes?
Yes. You don’t need to be enrolled in creative writing classes to submit to prizes.

How can I stay informed about the department’s events?
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What are the Levinthal Tutorials?
The Levinthal Tutorials are designed to allow undergraduate writers to work one-on-one with Stegner Fellows in poetry, fiction, and (if available) nonfiction, in a quarter-long course. For more information, please visit our opportunities page.

I have another question about the Creative Writing program and/or classes.  Who should I ask?
Our Creative Writing Peer Advisor will be available this quarter. Feel free to come in and ask her any questions you have about Creative Writing at Stanford.  For more information and for advising hours, please visit our advising page.