Note: PWR 1 is a prerequisite for all creative writing classes except English 9CE and 9CT.

How to enroll in a Creative Writing Class:

  1. Fill out the course preference form online (link at the bottom of this section)
  2. Get your class assignment on the results page. If you do not want your name on the posted class lists, please contact Katherine Batanero.
  3. Show up to the first class.

Note:  English 9CE: Creative Expression in Writing and English 9CT: Special Topics in Creative Expression are not included in the course preference form.  They are available for open enrollment in Axess.


  • The course preference form for Spring 2016-17 will open February 13th, 5:00 pm.
  • The form will close on March 13th at 5:00 pm. 
  • Results will be posted on March 17th before 5:00 pm. If you do not want your name on the posted class lists, please contact Katherine Batanero.

About the Course Preference Form:

  • Be sure to submit at least a first and second choice.
  • Almost all students get their first or second choice class.
  • Priority is given to seniors, juniors, and to those with a creative writing minor or emphasis. 
  • Should you need to change your preferences, please resubmit the form.

Course Descriptions:

Enrolling on Axess:

  • You can only enroll on Axess after receiving a permission number, which will be given to you in the first or second week of class.
  • If you must enroll in Axess to meet the 12-unit study list requirement, temporarily enroll in English 198 with Tom Kealey. Do not forget to drop this class once you have received your permission number.

Graduate students should NOT fill out the course preference form. Email Katherine Batanero to inquire about specific courses.

Questions? Feel free to stop by our advising hours and talk to our peer advisor, or email Katherine Batanero.

Click here for the Course Preference Form




The Mohr Visiting Poet and Stein Visiting Writers’ Classes

Each year, the Creative Writing Program welcomes distinguished guests to teach Stanford writing seminars in poetry and prose to undergraduates. These unique classes are kept small, limited to no more than 15 students, and they focus on a subject of the writer’s expertise and choosing. The writer also holds a public reading and colloquium. This year during Winter quarter we welcome author Stuart Dybek to teach English 190V: Reading for Writers and poet Robert Pinsky to teach English 192V the Occasions of Poetry. During Spring quarter we welcome author Rebecca Solnit to teach English 191V: Reading for Nonfiction Writers. These seminars are made possible with the generous support of Lawrence and Nancy Mohr and Isaac and Madeline Stein.

Applications for 191V for Spring 2017 are due Tuesday, March 7.

Download Stein Application [191V]

Advanced Fiction Writing

Professor Elizabeth Tallent will be teaching English 290, Advanced Fiction Writing, in spring 2017. Applications are due Tuesday, March 1.

Download Application [290]

Hoffs-Roach Tutorial

The new Hoffs-Roach Tutorial is a 5-unit course. Students will write a full-length (100 page) screenplay. The tutorials will be facilitated by Tom Kealey and Shimon Tanaka and will consist of three students in each group. Requirements are to write the 100 page screenplay, to give weekly feedback to the other members of the group, and to write a short paper at the end of the quarter including a plan for screenplay revision.

Note: The script can be an original, an adaptation, or even a revision of a previous script, so long as 100 new pages are written or rewritten during the Spring quarter.

Prerequisite for the tutorials is ENG 190F – Fiction Into Film. Application should include this flyer with the information filled out, plus a paper copy of 5-6 pages of the student’s best screenwriting work.  Paper copies only, delivered to Margaret Jacks Hall (building 460), room 223 by date TBA.

Click here to download Hoffs-Roach application

Questions to kealey@stanford.edu