All students must indicate at least a first and second choice. The majority of students are placed into one of their top two choices. Additionally, there are usually open spots that can be filled by any student committed to attending the class — attend the first day of any class you are interested in, and speak with the instructor if you are not on the class list.

  • Make sure to show up on time to your first class; priority is given to students who are present in class regardless of the class lists!
  • Even if you are waitlisted, please make sure to show up on time to the first class. Spots very often open up, and those present will be offered empty spots.
  • You may attend the first meeting of any class to see if a spot is available.
  • Times, days, and instructors can be found on the English department website.

Note on permission numbers: Permission numbers will not be given out the first day of class. If you need to enroll in order to meet the 12-unit study list requirement, please temporarily enroll in English 198 with Tom Kealey to avoid the $200 late registration fee. Be sure to drop the 198 class once you’ve enrolled in your workshop. Direct any questions you may have to Katherine Batanero at batanero@stanford.edu